Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dodge Ball

Today's picture shows an old fashioned game of Dodge Ball. The picture was taken on a playground in 1910. You can see some swing sets in the background.


  1. Where is the ambulance and the pc police to protect these kids? Ho, wait a minute, I see that theis picture is from long ago before someone got hurt feelings and cried to their parents who called the school and made them stop this "vicous" game.

    I hope this trend in our society will come back toward norrmalcy sometime soon. Very good Picture!

  2. I read about a year ago about a school in the UK that was having trouble getting the students to go outside at recess. The kids complained "there was nothing to do". When the school board looked at the list of "forbidden" activities - no running, no swings, no hide-and-seek, no dodge ball, etc. - they actually did come to the conclusion that they had left the children nothing to do but stand around. They made up a list of activities and let the kids pick several - and then allowed them to do them!

  3. Cute picture. Their version of dodge ball looks a lot tamer then the one we played (and survived) when we were kids. :)
    -Anne K.


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