Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cowboys on the Range

This is a great picture showing cowboys out on the range. The picture is from 1905. The cowboys have a herd of mustangs they are tending to. Love the pictures of the old wide open west.


  1. My grandmother would have been 15 in 1905. Her father had deserted the family when she was 7. Her mother pulled her out of the third grade and she became the 'cowboy' for the family; tending to the horses, cows and goats.

  2. My grandparents were married by 1908 and they had nine children who worked hard, hard, hard on a ranch in Long Cove,TX. They said the grass was so tough it would wear out the bottoms of their stirrups.They called it "steel grass." America was built on the backs of good the families from that era.

  3. This looks to me like they are about to rope their horse from the day out of the remuda. Several are holding ropes standing next to a group of horses.


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