Monday, July 28, 2014

Old Barber Shop

Today's picture shows an old Barber Shop in New Jersey. The picture was taken in 1938. It looks like a pretty small establishment, probably an independently owned shop with one barber.


  1. The posters on the wall look intriguing, but I could not make-up the finer print ...

    Come on lethernecks ...

    Condemned women ...

  2. Wow, I would have thought this shop was alot earlier than 1938 and somewhere out west, not New Jersey. As a kid my mom would drop me off at the barber shop, (saturday morn.) and I'd sit there listening to the guys talking, waiting for the barber to call me up. The barber would ask me if I wanted a shave then all the guys in the shop start laughing. It was the standing barber shop joke when a kid walks in for a haircut. Always got a boys regular, whatever that was. Then enevitably some balding guy asks if he can take some of my hair clippings and glue it on to the top of his head. More laughter.

  3. The posters are movies, "Come on leathernecks" and "Alexander's Ragtime Band" were both made in '38.
    I'd guess the barber shop was near the coast, if not on a wharf.....the name: "Bivalve Barber Shop".....a clam for instance is a bivalve.

    1. Good guess. Bivalve is the name of a town on he far southern coast of NJ; part of Port Norris. Time moves more slowly in the area which is/was known for its clamming and oyster industries. Who knows--maybe the building still stands.

  4. congratulations for the interesting photos!

  5. I once got a haircut in India at a booth that looked like this. The price was advertised, and when I calculated the currency conversion, shave and a haircut was 'two bits'. How could I resist?


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