Saturday, July 19, 2014

Old Diner

Welcome to Diner and Drive In Week here at OPOD. We will be reminiscing about the old days where restaraunts were primarily independently owned, offering consumers a vast array of food choices. I hope you will be sharing your memories of fine food and fun, and perhaps shout out to some remaining hold outs that still offer such a dining experience.


  1. I'm old enough to remember eating in such places when the family was on vacation (pre Interstate highways).

    The food was simple and good. I recall them as pretty noisy what with the food prep and dishwashing taking place right in front of us. And lots of locals with cigarettes and coffee just gossiping away. Oh, and soda refills were always an extra charge on the bill!

  2. We've got a place right here in my town, called Skipper's. It's been here on and off since who knows when. A couple of hurricanes rolled through, and ownership has changed, but it's still the same old thing: tile floor, cement walls, formica tables and chairs. (The easier to hose down after a hurricane!)

    There's a daily special or specials, too. Meat loaf, liver and onions, pot roast. And burgers, of course. Now it's owned by Greeks, so there's also some of the best Greek food in several counties. So good!

  3. Here is the Philadelphia / South Jersey area almost every town has at least one Diner. You have the old stainless steel dining cars and the building type, usually something flashy to get your attention. Most are open 24 Hours, so you can always find something good to eat no matter what time of day it is.


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