Monday, July 14, 2014

Hebron Hospital

Today's picture is from 1944, and it shows a hospital in Hebron. My how technology has advanced since then. Interestingly though, in many parts of the world, this would be considered modern.


  1. With doilies on the dresser and table! Very quaint. I love these old photos!

  2. My mother was a nurse, she began her training in Philadelphia around 1951. She used to talk about how the head nurse would run the young nurses and students in the wards like a Marine Corps drill instructor. All of the beds needed to be perfectly spaced and on line, everything scrubbed perfectly, the Dr.'s silk gloves needed to be sterilized and powdered (so they could get them on easily) (No latex gloves). They had to jump when called. If the uniform wasn't perfect, and the cap on straight, there would be a good amount of yelling from the nurse in charge.
    She was very proud to be a nurse, she wore her nursing school pin her entire career (over 45 years). I remember that she was the last nurse at the hospital where she worked, to wear her nurses cap.


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