Wednesday, July 23, 2014


If there is anything even more gone than the old independently owned diners, it is the Drive-Ins. The Malt Shop above is reminiscent of many drive ins I can remember from my childhood. We had "Nita's". It served hamburgers, fries, milk shakes, malts, lime aids and all types of good things. There was no place to sit inside, and you drove up and ate in your car, or at outside picnic tables. I guess the Sonic chains are drive-ins, but really no at all the same.


  1. we had a & w rootbeer drive-ins...loved them!

    1. I still see those from time to time in the West.

  2. We still have one in Rhode Island.

  3. When I was a kid, it was A&W Drive-Ins. There was actually one right down the street from us that my mom would drive us to and have lunch. :)

  4. There's an independent called the Burger-N-Malt on Highway 6 in Alvin, Texas. You can go in if you prefer, but you still can eat in your car or at picnic tables. And they have REAL malts, made with malt powder and ice cream.

  5. Not far from Philly in New Jersey, there are A&W shops (Burlington) and another one called Stewarts (Ringos / Flemington). A few more in other small towns on the way up Rt. 29 towards Frenchtown.

  6. These sort of eateries are so much a part of Americana that they survive in the chain, and therefore slightly artificial, fashion. Consider Sonics, for example, which are set up for a roller skating attendant to take your order, something that was pioneered by local drive ins years ago.


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