Saturday, July 26, 2014

Barber Shop

Welcome to Barber Shop Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at the Old School men's barbershops. These too seem to have quickly disappeared. They have been replaced by these large Supercut type places that cut women, children and men's hair. The old Barber Shops were places men gathered to discuss politics, business and the weather. I can remember growing up going to places like this one. Another nice little part of life that has faded away.


  1. I'm all for the barber shop. Men need to go be groomed at a place for men. It's very bothersome to me to go to my salon and see a man in a neighboring chair. Uncomfortable.

  2. I got my first haircut at one of those places. It's still in operation and my Dad (at 89) stills goes there for his, 60 years later. Terry, the man who opened the place, is long gone. He was a super nice white-haired old guy when I was a youngster and was reaching the end of his career. Somehow, the place has remained in operation with just a bit of refurbishing and fix ups even though everything around it has changed.

    They had one of those drawings on the wall of various men's haircuts -- which I never really knew whether it was for customers to show what they wanted or the barbers to use as their pattern to follow. Maybe it was both.

    It was sort of a big deal to 'graduate' from sitting on a board placed across the arms of the chair to sitting in the seat like a grownup.

  3. I still use a shop just like that once a month.

  4. after a recent move to a new state and town, it took quite awhile to find this kind of barber shop....old time barbers giving great hair cuts! $16+ tip..420. Good deal.


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