Sunday, June 22, 2014


Today's picture shows the"Univac", which was a very early version of a computer. A Univac, along with its accessories could easily fill up a large room. In the early Univacs, the programs were loaded onto the computer via large spools of paper, and the paper had holes punched in it, reminiscent of the old player piano paper cartridges. Later, the paper rolls were replaced by magnetic tape, but even then the "readers" were enormous. The video clip below is an early newsreel describing these univac computers.


  1. Wonderful! By the time I became aware of computers, people had just moved beyond the punched cards to GUI. It's such fun to see something I've only heard about.

  2. Using computers such as these, our Navy was able to shoot shells twenty-five miles in a raging sea - and still hit the target.


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