Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ships in Harbor

Today's picture shows old sailing ships in the harbor. The picture was taken in Naples, Italy in 1900. The picture is so calm it almost looks like a painting.


  1. Yesterday, I was struck by the amount of canvas on a sailing ship. Today, I'm rather struck by the "miles" of rope it took to man those sails.

    1. That's where the expression "learning the ropes" arose.
      It is estimated that it took the equivalent of five years hand labor to weave the cloth, sew it into sails, manufacture the ropes, etc. for every ship that ever left port. Obviously, with various rope walks and several weaving houses, etc. the job could be accomplished in less time, but if you added it all together, it was five years of human work.

  2. The 1900 date surprises me. It shouldn't but it does. 1900 seems to be more in the modern ship era, but obviously it was in the sailing ship era too.


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