Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sailing Ship

Today's picture shows a grand four mast sailing ship. The picture was taken in 1905. I wonder if this was a museum piece at that point, or if sailing ships were still in use?


  1. Very majestic! I can only imagine the manpower it took to maintain such a vessel.
    -Anne K.

  2. Indeed they were in use still tens of years. Here is a link to Wikipedia about the Finnish famous school ship "Suomen Joutsen" - "The Finnish Swan". Also other Finnish big three and four masted ships were sailing
    on last century.

  3. This ship could have been close to new, as they were still building 4 mast barques at that time.
    They were used as late as 1958 to carry grain from Australia to Europe.
    There is a great book called: "The Last Trip Around the Horn", by William Stark about a trip made in 1949.

  4. The six masted schooner Wyoming wasn't launched until 1909.


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