Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bedouin Sheik

Today's picture features a Bedouin Sheik. The picture was taken near Beersheba in the Middle East. The land looks a little bit barren. I had never thought about this, but it looks like he rides the camel side-saddle. I wonder if this is the norm for camel riding?


  1. You've never seen Lawrence of Arabia? From what I can gather, you hook your right knee around the hump, and guide the camel by pushing on the neck with your left foot.

  2. well, they have camel saddles...not sure if they use them or they are just for the silly tourist's....but ...

  3. This picture is just a classic.

  4. The rider wraps his leg around the "horn" of the camel saddle which is shaped for this and places the other leg over the first to lock them in place as the camel moves. The gait of a camel is different from that of a horse, in that the camel moves the same side legs in the same motion, left side legs moving simultaneously then right side. This causes the swaying motion in the camel's gait which necessitates the rider's locking his legs to stabilize him.
    That swaying motion gave rise to the nickname, "the ship of the desert".


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