Friday, May 2, 2014

Woman Cyclist

We wrap up Bicycle Week here at OPOD with this picture of a woman cyclist from 1921. Wow, everything just seems so elegant back then. Yes, I think society has lost a certain element of gentleness that existed back in those days. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed the week as much as I have, and hope you come back and tune in next week.


  1. Wow, pure class! I love her beautiful outfit and her bike has graceful lines as well. Thanks for a wonderful week here, PJM. Speaking as a cyclist let me say, remember good people it is never too late to get back on a bike and ride. All those good feelings you had riding as a kid are still there. (Not to mention the weight loss aspect.) Pedal on!
    -Anne K.

  2. An interesting bike it is. White rubber tires. A front light run by what looks like a fairly large battery. I'll bet that bike is somewhat expensive for the day.

  3. We are all glad you put up such interesting tidbits from the past. We appreciate you. Until this week, I had never thought about the fact that today's bicycles don't have fenders!

  4. Cycling in a big hat and heels? Even given the standards of the day, I think this is posed - maybe an advertisement? (And it looks as if the driver behind her is getting a ticket.)


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