Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rodeo Week

Welcome to Fat Stock Show and Rodeo Week here at OPOD. Fat Stock Shows and Rodeos are still big events across the West and South of the United States. It is usually a week long event, with rodeos every evening, and the stock shows during the day. Young people spend the year raising an animal . . . like a sheep, goat, steer or even a chicken or rabbit, and then "show" the animals at the event. Winning animals are then sold for big prize money. There usually are also show/contests for art, canned goods, garden produce, baked goods and even pickles. So, we will spend the week celebrating this great American tradition by looking at pictures from the last 100 years. Also, I hope you will share your memories of Stock Shows and Rodeos with us.


  1. Never been to a rodeo, but I'd love to go.

  2. We have something similar here just north of Philadelphia, PA. It's the Middletown Grange Fair. The local farmers, FFA and 4-H clubs bring their animals for judging over a week long show. There are also carnival rides, craft demonstrations, a horse show and tons of vendors selling things for the home and farm.
    Over in New Jersey there is the Cowtown Rodeo which runs every week in the summer...thats always a lot of fun to go to. There are cowboys and girls who come from all over the country to earn their Pro-Rodeo points.


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