Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pig Skin Pontoon

Today's picture shows a unique Pontoon Boot. The pontoons are made from pig skins. I had not seen something like this before, but it does look very buoyant.


  1. Transportation sure comes in all sizes and shapes. Most interesting. There is a silent movie era film that shows the seasonal migration of a bunch of people, crossing a BIG river, using skin flotation devices. Anybody know the name of the film?

  2. What a weird photo! It's great!

    But are they really pig skins or some other animal?

    The fellow in the middle is acting like it is an everyday occurrence. The Sikhs look like they are not part of the boat, but merely hanging on. All in a day's work.

    Where were they going?

    What an interesting life they must have lead!

  3. Wow, fascinating. Maybe it is a ferry across the river?
    -Anne K.


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