Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Today's picture is from India in the early 1900's. It shows a nice carriage pulled by a team of camels. Each camel has its own rider. I have really never seen anything like this before. Must have been a special person who got to ride in the carriage.


  1. Like so many muscle cars, there's plenty of horsepower (camelpower?) to spare for such a light bodied vehicle :)

  2. You certainly don't need 6 camels to pull a light carriage. They are much bigger and more powerful than horses. If this wasn't a staged photo, it was probably more in the nature of an armed escort.

    1. It makes one wonder about the size of the person to ride in the carriage!

  3. What a fun photo. I agree, the camels look like far too much power for the carriage. Interesting!
    -Anne K.

  4. Looks like North Africa, from the riders and their dress. Around the 1870's the US Army experimented with using camels vs horses, a couple companies of cavelry were equipped with them in the SW, Arizona or New Mexico. The project was abandoned, and for some years there were 'wild' camels running about the desert there.

  5. A Travelling Camel Carriage from Lahore to Peshawar, Governor General's Camp - Punjab , India


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