Friday, May 9, 2014

Ashland Montana Rodeo

We wrap up Rodeo Week with this picture from Ashland, Montana. These boys are from nearby ranches and have come to watch the rodeo. I love how they can sit on the rustic gate, instead of manufactured bleachers.


Don't forget today is launch day, and you can watch our student's space launch live at the link below beginning at 7:30 AM.


  1. Watched most of the video today... awesome!


  2. Enjoyed the video streaming of the launch. It is really great seeing the excitement a project like that brings into the classroom. Congratulations to you PJM for making a difference.

    The rodeo picture today brought on a flashback to the Disney "Spin & Marty" series. For all the excitement of a rodeo, there sure is a lot of sitting around that goes on...

  3. The announcers were very good especially for such long sessions and the background activities really set the stage for the launch/recovery story.

    The launch was coordinated and successful - a great part of the success of the program, PJM, you have done a wonderful thing for the kids, the school and Eldorado. I salute you, Sir.

  4. Tuned in live from Spain. The commentators did a great job! And of course the Extraordinary Space Cowboys and all of the team! Congratulations! You pulled a great voyage to space and back.


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