Monday, April 14, 2014

Union Station

Today's picture shows the Union Station in Washington DC. My observation looking at this picture is that 1963 looks a lot more like 1943 than 1983. That is to say, things changed much more in the next twenty years than they had in the previous twenty years.


  1. It appears fewer men are wearing hats but you can still see some on the ladies. Do men still carry attache' cases? I remember my dad, who was a businessman, always carried one and wore a hat.
    -Anne K.

  2. There is one BIG difference. In 1943 most engines were steam, burning filthy coal. You were dirty and gritty after a train journey.
    By '63, conversion to diesel was almost complete.

  3. Most folks do not dress well anymore. Suits are only worn by professionals today, whereas in the sixties and prior every man wore a suit when moving about town (when he was not working of course). My father always wore a suit to the movies or dinner, even though he worked as a coal miner. Today one is hard pressed to find suits even in church!!! Sad commentary.


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