Friday, April 4, 2014

Shipyard Workers

We wrap up Construction Worker Week with this picture from the Manitowoc Navy Shipyard in Wisconsin. The picture shows two of the workers at the facility with what looks like some sort of large chisels. The picture was taken in 1942.


  1. Now, what in the world would have been the reason for this picture? Wartime propaganda? I thought shipyards built ships, not tear them apart. Maybe they were the deconstructionists to enable new ships from the old?

    1. For every ship built, there is always sections that are torn out and rebuilt due to design changes as you go along. I built submarines for 15 years. Revision A always ends up at revision the end.

  2. Air operated chisels. On multipass welds, these are used to scale (rattle) the slag (flux) out after the first passes.

  3. While in the Navy, I used these quite a bit for removing old paint down to bare metal in prep. for a new paint job.


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