Friday, April 18, 2014


We wrap up Train Travel Week with this picture from 1909. It shows a group of passengers, and conductor on a train car. Travel used to be a big event, and you can see from this picture what a special occasion it was.


  1. The pictures this week were fantastic. My favorite was yesterdays pic. Everyone seems so civil to one another. I was on the subway not long ago going from Brooklyn to Coney Island. Grafitti everywhere and usually it's best to just look down or not make much eye contact. I'll always give up my seat to a lady or older gentleman though. It just feels weird to be sitting while some lady is standing, hanging on. I can hear my Dad's voice in my head, "You had better stand up and give that woman your seat, mister!".

  2. Maybe they are on a honeymoon. The couple looks somehow romantic. And the other persons curious and amused. In the left corner of the photo the bag has a ribbon tied around it.

    I am quite new to your site and I like your weekly themes. I get a chance to look at pieces of history which I probably would not have discovered otherwise! Great!

  3. Everyone looks just grand.

    I imagine the young couple are newlyweds.

  4. I think that he is the Porter...not the Conductor.


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