Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Bicycle

Today's picture shows a boy with a new bicycle outside a bicycle shop. The bike looks to have lots of neat accessories, and looks to be a high end model. The picture was taken in 1921.

When I was a kid, one of the neatest accessories for a bicycle was a siren. They had these sirens that mounted down near the tire. When you pulled a little chain, the siren was brought into contact with the edge of the tire, and the tire would cause the siren to spin, and it put out a really LOUD siren sound. It sounded like one of the old air raid sirens. Neat thing about it was that it did not take batteries, so you could us it as much as you wanted. 


  1. This bike looks like my old Raleigh Flyer I got as a kid in the mid fifties. WE all rode bikes to school and in my case that was about 2.5 miles.
    This bike had a three speed with overdrive so it was actually a 6-speed bike. It came from England and was a lovely maroon paint. I rode it nearly every day until I got my license and began to drive, Now my bike is stable and is stored and used in our bedroom.
    Good pictures, PJM.

  2. Got my first new bike when I was 12...shiny red Schwinn. My old bike was a hand-me-down, well used, no fenders or chain guard...Man I loved that new bike. Rode it until I got my first motorcycle at 15 1/2...delivered lots of newspapers on that shiny red Schwinn!

  3. That, my friends is a carbide lamp. The carbide is placed in the tube below the top bar, the water pump/regulator is on the handle bar, and the light with striker is out in front.

  4. I've never understood, anatomy being what it is, why boys bikes have those bars across the middle, and girls bikes don't. Seems it should be the other way round.

    1. Skirts vs pants...at least in the old days...no reason for it now...

  5. The old Police Harley's in Philly had a similar siren to what you talked about...only on a larger scale, and worked with a foot pedal to rub the drive wheel against the tire.
    One of these days I'll find one at a swap meet and rig it up to my Softail.

  6. I mentioned this post and included the photo in my own blog: http://midlifecycling.blogspot.com/2014/04/monkey-longhorn-or-ape-hanger.html

    As for the boys' vs. girls' bikes: I've often thought the same thing, Lady Anne. And Cheezy Mikey, you indeed identified the reason why bikes were so made.

    As it happens, I have both "male" and "female" bikes, as I sometimes ride in a skirt. Actually, I bought one of my female bikes secondhand from a man who bought it for himself after a hip injury prevented him from slinging his leg over the top bar of a male bike. He sold me the bike after he got old and simply stopped riding.

    Anyway, for speed or distance riding, I prefer the "male" bike, as it is more laterally rigid and stable. That is the reason why all racing and most long-distance cycling is done in "male" bikes, even by women.


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