Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Grand Coulee Dam

Today's picture shows construction workers moving a large pipe. The picture is from the Grand Coulee Dam project in Washington State. The picture was taken around 1940.


  1. Not a hard hat in the bunch.

    1. Neither a safety fall-strap amongst them either.
      Different times for sure.

  2. Interesting angles and composition. Very nice!
    -Anne K.

  3. I think I saw, long ago, an impressive old picture of dump truck drivers working on construction of either Grand Coulee or Hoover Dam. They drove the trucks backward to dump and did so standing up and operating the steering wheels with their feet. Will we see one of those shots here?

  4. In today's world, you'd never see three men riding the moving load, ( and one in the pipe) unless it was absolutely needed. It's no wonder there were so many injuries/deaths in the workplace back in the "Good old days".

  5. Was there such a thing as ' health and safety ' back then?

    Think the answer could well be no !!

    All the best Jan


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