Saturday, April 26, 2014


Welcome to Bike Week here at OPOD. The picture above is from 1938, and shows a young man decorating his bicycle.

One of the biggest changes I see between my childhood and today is the relative importance of a bicycle. When I was a child your bike was your most important and cherished possession. Today it would have to be an iphone or Xbox probably. When I was a child just about everyone rode their bicycle to school, and the school had rows and rows of nice bike racks that you could park your bicycle in. I find it interesting that this same school today does not even have a  bike rack, and no one rides a bike to school. Bikes were great fun, kept you fit, and taught all types of wonderful life lessons. It is sad that this tradition has pretty much faded away.

So, I hope you all will share stories this week about your childhood bicycle.


  1. I loved my bike.
    I still have a few scars on my knees from falling off.

  2. My paper route "seemed" much longer in the winter when I had to walk instead of pedal.

  3. What a great photo! We rode our bikes everywhere when we were young. (My folks never carted us around.) We'd ride to school, the mall, to go fishing, the library, etc. It was a real feeling of independence to take off where ever you wanted. And none of us were heavy, either. I think people today are afraid to let their kids ride places? The Amish still use bikes a lot.
    -Anne K.

  4. Oh I remember kids doing that in western PA in the 50's,,,wish I had photos of my old large tricycle that I rode forever never learning the two wheeler.

  5. Ah, great memories ... I learnt to ride on my sister's bike, which was full size (and me, just a kid), so I would lean it to a wall, climb to the pedals and get going, seated on the tube in front of the seat. Could not stop, as my feet would not reach the ground, so had to stop near some support, and then dismount. Some scars, a whole lot of fun :)

    1. Oh, and one more thing: the saddle in that picture looks like it is going to hurt real bad. Should've been nearly horizontal, or even pointing downwards, considering the serious springs in the back ...

  6. I used to ride the tires off my bike when I was a kid.

  7. Crepe paper! That's what we weaved around our spokes. I don't remember the color of my first bike, but I remember the white woven basket on the front. I used to carry my turtle in it. And once I was a little older, I'd go with the big kids to the penny candy counter at the neighborhood gas station.

    One of my favorite memories is Mom, yelling at us as we took off on our bikes for the park to "STAY OFF the trestle!" Sure, we did.

  8. My youngest boy (10 yrs old) rides his bike to school most days....he says that the bus takes too long.
    He rides it all over the neighborhood. The two older children (13 and 16) hardly ride at all.


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