Friday, March 21, 2014

Woman Typing

Today's picture shows a woman in an office typing. Back in the day, doing this type of work was probably the most common job for a woman working outside the home. The picture was taken in 1923.


  1. People in the office were alot tougher back in the day. No carpul tunnell syndrom, no ergonomics, no lumbar support. Just a typwriter and a wooden chair. In my office we have specialists that come in and adjust the chairs to an individuals proportions, then we have ergonomics classes to teach people how to sit. Twice a week they have a person come in and give chair massages. The people in my office would be keeling over on the first day if they went back to 1923. Don't get me wrong, I do like the chair massage and I'll take it because it's free but I'm sure I can do without it. We have nutrician classes as well as biometric testing. Last month they had foot massage and some sort of massage called polarity massage. There are some complaining that these services are during lunch hour and that it cuts into their free time.

    1. I didn't even know I had a polarity...:)

    2. Be thankful. It wasn't that people were tougher in the old days, it was partly that they were programmed from an early age to never complain and just suck it up and work until they become impaired and then lose their job just shy of qualifying for retirement. It was a common occurrence among the working class not that long ago as I've heard many first hand accounts. The posture of the lady in the picture is that of one soon to have C5-6 nerve impingement, a common malady for those who read in bed as well, according to my chiropractor who has kept me working these last several years. What I wouldn't give for all the health perks you do not seem to fully appreciate.

  2. My mom was a typist.
    Man, she could really fly.
    She would bring work home too, and I can't count how many times as a kid I fell asleep to that clickity-click sound.

  3. Eldest Daughter is a typing fiend. She once took a typing test for a new job, and when she went into the main office the woman asked her if she had trouble. "No, I'm all done." She had finished a five minute test in less than three.


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