Monday, March 17, 2014

Milk Delivery Truck

Today's picture shows a woman working as a Milk Man. I guess that would make her the Milk Woman. In any event, I find the truck interesting, as it appears it is designed to be driven while standing.


  1. My Aunt always got her milk delivered, they had a,millions outside the side door

  2. You are correct, that truck was designed for a standing driver because he was constantly getting in and out as he dropped the dairy products off ate customers homes. The back was full of block and crushed ice to keep it all cole.

    We were on the ending portion of our drivers route so the ice was almost gone leaving doubt about the safety of the products. We must have been conditioned for slightly spoiled milk, but we were all glad when winter came so that was not a problem.

    Driver safety was not too much of a concern to the delivery company or the industry because any accident could have been deadly. The drivers became friends of the family because we saw them every day and he liked us kids who constantly begged for rides from him.

    1. Al,
      Same here! In the summer we would wait for the milkman to come and then he would let us jump on and take a little ride down the street, (late 60's early 70's). Can you imagine the trouble that driver would be in today?

  3. I remember having milk delivered...we had an uncle who was a supervisor with Borden, he would fill in sometimes for vacations...we could always tell when he delivered our house, he would leave a quart of chocolate milk. What a treat!

  4. I can remember getting chunks of ice from the milkman during the summer. No a/c, and we were expected to 'go outside and play". The ice would be so cold it would hurt our hands, and freeze our tongues. You put it in your mouth for as long as you could stand it, and then hold it in you hand until frostbite set in. And repeat.

  5. Wow, that look like it would be tough steering with the wheel at chest level, no power steering. I knew a man (UPS driver) who once got a job delivering milk which required standing all day as pictured here. He said he only lasted one day!
    -Anne K.

  6. Love the wooden interior and canopy.
    Like a motorized wagon.

  7. If you want to get a pretty good look at the inside of a milk truck being driven, trucks being loaded, etc., watch the movie "The Clock" starring Judy Garland. Part of the action of the movie involves her character, and the young soldier she meets literally by accident in New York City, being given a ride by a milkman just coming on his shift after the two of them stay out together past the time the buses run. This is during the War, so everyone sharing rides and helping each other out is part of society at the time. They don't show any ice, nor is the truck obviously refrigerated, so in "Movie Land" what keeps everything cold is something of a mystery. But then, if it didn't support or advance the plot, they didn't waste money or resources showing it, I suppose.


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