Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lunch Break

Today's picture shows a couple of hard working construction men taking their lunch breaks. I recognize the old rounded top lunch box, with thermos. This is the type of lunch box my grandfather used for years when he worked in the oil field. I have not seen one of those in a long time.


  1. Makes me wonder what they are working on...a bridge, maybe? Why the milk can between them - and what is that white stuff on their boots? Mystery?

  2. White stuff on the boots is dry boots. The dark part looks like either wet cement or wet mud. Maybe the milk can is either for cement (seems unlikely) or something to keep tools in?

  3. I have one of those old lunch boxes. I carried it on the job for years.
    Practically indestructible...

  4. I still have the thermos from my dad's lunch box like that. I tend to shed "stuff" pretty easily, but I'm sentimental about that thermos.


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