Friday, March 28, 2014

Going Home

We wrap up Sharecropper Week with this picture of a group of men in a wagon returning home after working in the fields. The picture was taken in 1936, so this would have been in the midst of the hard times of the depression. The picture was taken in Arkansas.


  1. Well, this week was a snapshot into a past which, in most cases, no longer exist.

    At least I'd like to think so.

  2. This week's photos have been a treat. Sad how people today, who are significantly better off than any we've seen here, think they deserve $10/hr instead of $7, just because they somehow cannot make ends meet on the lesser amount. They know nothing of real hardship, hard work, stretching a dollar or the true meaning of recycling where every precious possession is carefully repaired and made to last almost forever.

    I fondly recall my Depression-era grandfather, til his dying day, literally cleaning his plate at every meal with scraps of bread -- leaving nothing to waste. He loved chicken necks, too. Not much meat but they were probably prized meals in the darkest parts of the Depression.

    1. My dad too, cleaned his plate with the last bite of bread. I do not remember a meal that both my Depression-era parents did not clean their plates -- my Mama,a little more delicately than my Dad.

  3. Nice photo. I'd guess at least two of them are brothers.
    Great thoughts Downtown Indy.
    -Anne K.


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