Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Evicted Sharecroppers

Today's picture shows a group of sharecroppers that have just been evicted from their farms. You can see the stress and concern on their faces. The picture was taken in 1939 in Missouri.


  1. Hmm, nobody has a comment it seems. I'm thinking the landowner fell into financial straits, it being the latter part of the Great Depression, and for whatever reason could not afford to pay the tenants and save his own neck at the same time. "Thrown to the wolves" is the old expression (just like the current trend of corporate buying/selling/outsourcing and resulting layoffs). In about two years the country would be at war with a booming military industrial economy and the younger man in the picture may well have ended up working for Uncle Sam for a time and may or may not have survived. As for the older men, one wonders what their future held considering their families may well have worked the same farm/plantation for generations even back to slavery times. Their expressions reflect lifelong disappointment with a "crowning blow" added to it. Even all these decades past the sight of these faces frozen in time moves one to tears. Reminds me of the old Stephen Foster song "Hard Times Come Again No More".

  2. Anonymous, you could be so right.

  3. I've seen similar photos of white farmers in the Midwest during this time -- shell shocked -- at the farm auction when the mortgage-holding Insurance Companies were auctioning off the family farm. They were tough times all around.


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