Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Daytona Beach

This is an incredible scene from Daytona Beach. You can see cars on the beach, and an airplane flying overhead. What an exciting time this must have been. The picture was taken in 1911.


  1. I wonder what that large group of buildings are in the background?
    Very nice picture Mr. PJM.

  2. Wow, such a neat slice of history captured here.
    -Anne K.

  3. Talk about flying by the skin of your teeth. Do you think this pilot is all up to date on the certificates and maintenance docs he needs for this plane? The flight plan he filed looks like this... " Buzz Daytona Beach and come within feet of cars and pedestrians". Approved! have a nice flight.

  4. I wonder if this was the first NASCAR race!!

  5. The largest building in the background is the Plaza, now known as the Plaza Spa and Resort.


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