Thursday, March 6, 2014

Children Gardening

Today's picture shows a group of children working in the garden. The picture was taken around 1900 in the Washington DC area. I love the little hats.


  1. What a lovely photo. I wonder if it was a school group of some kind? Not many young girls would do garden work in a dress today, I'm sure. They look pretty fancily dressed.
    -Anne K.

  2. Cute photo.
    These photos make me wish for warm, dry weather.

  3. Looks as if living in a row house is no excuse for not having a nice garden. I've been looking at the snow melt patterns around here, trying to select a good spot for a garden, and the only place that looks good is between here and the pond, a strip of land about fifteen feet wide. We shall see.

  4. That looks so sweet. They do look very cleanly dressed, why is it my gardening gloves get so muddy? I tend to wear older clothes, my gardening clothes, when I'm doing any gardening. A hat in the summer if it gets too hot and sunny and of course a nice cool refreshing drink.

    All the best Jan

  5. I think I am going to have to have a designated gardening DRESS. My army fatigue cutoffs just don't cut it next to pictures like these....Gardening pictures of me would not be "sweet" or "lovely" in ANY ERA. :/

  6. four-leaf clover hunt? these children have no tools and are not working. they are searching for something. some appear to have found it. the child in the back lying along side the pathway certainly has found one.


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