Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beach Scene

I love this Beach Scene picture from Cleveland, Ohio. The picture is from back in the day when Bathing Suit literally meant a suit of clothes. This one is worth clicking on to get a closer look at all the fine clothes. The picture was taken in 1905


  1. I read that back in the day, late 1800's the ladies had something called a bathing cart. It's this little enclosed box on wheels that the woman got into and usually a horse pulled the cart into the ocean. The woman could change from her street clothes to so called bathing suit and go for a dip in the water without anyone seeing her. The back of the cart opened to the ocean, not the beach. Then she could get back into the cart without anyone seeing her coming out of the water and change back to her fancy dress. I guess to see a woman dressed from head to toe in a bathing dress that was all wet was very risque!

    1. Some beaches had a rope strung from the beach out into the deeper water. Since women didn't generally know how to swim, they could hold onto the rope, and splash around going as deep into the water as they wished.

      Also, wool has the advantage of feeling warm even when it is wet, so you didn't feel as if you were going to freeze solid when you got out of the water, even when the temps were in the 90s.

    2. Did you ever wear one of those woollen bathing suits? I recall them as heavy, clammy, clingy, and cold. Really nasty.

  2. You are very right sir.
    Dress seemed to be so much more refined back then.

  3. I'd rather see women at the beach today than those days....nothing quite as nice to look at as a fit woman in a modern swimsuit.

  4. The ladies were certainly well covered back then. Nowadays the competition is for who wears the least!

    A nice choice of photograph though, thanks.

    All the best Jan


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