Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Riding the Goat

I guess I had never realized just how versatile goats are. In today's picture we see one with a saddle, and being ridden by a child. I guess goats are pretty tame, so will agree to just about anything. This picture was taken in 1904.


  1. I guess you can tame them but all I can say positive about them is that they are extremely smart when you try to herd them off the mountains near Sierra Blanca. They have a good sense of your herding plan and can out maneuver you at every turn.

    Great series of pictures so far, PM

  2. PJ, you need a couple of goats to add to your menagerie.

  3. Goats are generally well natured but can be quite contrary. Older bucks can be down right mean and dangerous to small adults and children.

    Our children used to go goat riding, but without a saddle. The goats were not very co-operative.


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