Saturday, February 22, 2014


Welcome to Goat Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at pictures of goats from the old days. Most people don't think much about goats, but in many areas, including West Texas, where I live, goats remain a big business. 

The picture above was taken in Ramitelli, Italy in 1945. It shows goats grazing around some United States fighter planes. I love the contrast represented in the picture.


  1. Great photo. Does anyone know which aircraft is pictured?

  2. To me, looks like P-47 Thunderbolts

  3. Neat picture!
    How about a domestic update one of these days? I'm curious on how your space project is progressing with the students!
    Graham from St. John's

  4. Actually I believe the planes are P-51C models...possibly the Red Tailed one of Tuskegee Airmen fame...

    1. Cheezy, You are correct. Definitely P51 Mustangs

  5. They may be early P51 Mustangs or very possibly P36s with Allison engines which were stationed in Italy. Hard to tell from the angle but they do not have the bubble canopy of the later models. I had friends who flew both the P47 and P51. They loved both planes but the 47s would bring them home.

  6. I used to keep goats!

  7. Many people like to drink goats milk!

    All the best Jan


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