Friday, February 21, 2014

Dallas Newsboys

Today's picture was taken in 1913. It shows two young newsboys selling papers on a street in Dallas. Note the one boy appears to be bare footed.


  1. " Note the one boy appears to be bare footed. "
    He doesn't appear to be barefoot. He is barefoot.

  2. Anon, I think you are forgetting about Dr. Phineas's Leprechaun-skinned magic invisible shoes that were on the market from 1905 until 1911, when he was extradited to Ireland. It is possible, owning to how popular they were in the Dallas area, this young fellow is wearing a pair. So cut PJM some slack.

  3. These 2 look alike. Big brother and little brother out making a buck contributing to the family.

  4. Like this photo. I keep looking at the horse and carriage. Can't see if the horse is tied or knot (so to speak). I've been away from computers for a while and so haven't been visiting. It's so good to be back, looking at your wonderful photographs. I'll go back through what I missed.

  5. Definitely look like siblings to me. Nice photo. No sense wearing out shoe leather if its warm out, eh?
    -Anne K.


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