Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Boy with his Puppy

This is my favorite picture this week, and it shows a boy with his puppy. The picture reminds me of simpler times, and could be a picture from my own childhood. The photo was taken in 1943 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.


  1. Wonderful photo!
    My puppy is now fifteen years old.

  2. Adorable. I love the boy's suspenders and how he is sternly pointing his finger..."stay!" : )
    -Anne K.

  3. Looks like the start of a long happy friendship that the boy will remember forever.

  4. Really cute! I had to look around in the picture.. Is that his mom in the background? And wow, the fender on the car is really beat up. That is interesting in itself. We are so used to seeing restored older vehicles that we forget that they suffered wear and tear themselves.

    Excellent picture. The whole week has been delightful.

    Graham in St. John's

  5. This is such a sweet picture ... lovely

    All the best Jan

  6. In 1943 anything that would still roll was used including cut downs with frame, engine, wooden flooring and apple boxes for seats. A fairly good inner tube had 20 patches or less and the tire may be full of boots or stuffed with whatever or riding on the rims.


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