Tuesday, January 14, 2014


You did not think we would make it through Hat Week without looking at the much loved "Stetson" did you? Well, here is a picture from my home town, Eldorado, Texas, showing a couple of men at a horse auction in 1939. They are sporting some fine western headgear. It is interesting to note, however, that "Stetson" is a brand, not a hat style. Stetson made all styles of hats, but is best known for the cowboy hat . . . so much so that the brand has become synonymous with the Cowboy hat.

The picture shows another tradition that endures to this day in West Texas. Many ranchers do not light their cigars. They put a cigar in their mouth in the morning and sort of chew on it all day, but never light it. You still see old timers around town with unlit cigars in their mouths. funny thing about this picture is that it really could have been taken yesterday, as you will still see scenes like this today.


  1. Beautiful shot with lots of character. I like the natural, unposed photos and love the hats.
    -Anne K.

  2. Ah yes, time. Where you gona find two people that thin today?

  3. I have a Stetson Golden Century that my dad bought in the 50's, and wear it occasionally.

  4. FUN FACT: Buster Keaton's trademark porkpie hat was a fur felt grey Stetson fedora that he cut down, reblocked and stiffened the felt with sugar water.

    "In the old days, the Stetsons cost me $3.50 each - I pay $12.50 for the same one now. It gets to be expensive - as I've used up thousands of them through the years."

    A fur felt Stetson fedora is currently $195.

  5. Great photo, once again.

    If memory serves wasn't Prince William presented with a stetson cowboy style on a visit to Calgary a few years ago?

    I've never worn hats myself but are loving your photo's ... thanks

    All the best Jan

  6. I wear my Stetsen on special occasions, (Like when a John Wayne movie is on) ha ha and I love it.
    Those two fellas in the picture look as natural as can be.

  7. The "Boss of the Plains" was the first Stetson style. The early cowboy hats were styled after sombreros. The American cowboy hat had a round flat brim that we now associate with State Troopers. It wasn't until the movie cowboys came along after 1900 that the sides were turned up. In the 30's the big Tom Mix hats came into style. Later the Marlboro Man's distictive hat was the fashion. John Wayne wore good looking hats he designed himself, with a combination of the old flatbrim with the modern sides turned up. He said that there was nothing worse than 'wearing a stupid hat'. Today anything goes and most look stupid!

  8. I wonder how long you can hold a good "hunker" and be able to stand up and walk away without limping?


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