Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Today we look at the classic "Sombrero", a favorite hat of the Mexican Revolutionaries. The picture above was taken in the early 1900's, and shows Castillo, one of the figures of the Mexican Revolution of those days. I have to say I admire the Sombrero for its wide brim, and superior shade generating properties.


  1. It is obvious that one fellow wasn't taught to treat every gun like it was loaded.

  2. Yes, I'm back again to see today's hat photograph. The sombrero may well have been popular with Mexican Revolutionaries ..... I can remember going to Spain for holidays and all the tourists were wearing sombrero's. Not always a good sight! LOL

    All the best Jan

  3. Sombreros were worn by a the overwhelming majority of rural Mexican men at that time, and by quite a few Mexican women. They were also the official headgear of the Rurales, the rural police.

    Today, they seem to have bit the dust save for ceremonial wear. I suspect that they may be a victim of the automobile, as their brims would make them impractical for wear by anyone who had to ride in an automobile anywhere. As a result, the shorter brimmed straw cowboy hat seems to have taken over in rural Mexico.


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