Saturday, January 11, 2014


They say that the Hat Makes the Man, so welcome to Hat Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at various hat styles and see the things people have put on their heads over the years.

The picture above is quiet interesting. The man in the middle, as well as the man on the left are wearing a hat which I believe is called the "Pith Helmet". The pith helmet appears to have its origins as a military hat, it is actually a quiet practical hat for everyday wear. There is a band inside that holds the hat to the head, so the hat itself does not touch the head. That leaves a gap between head and hat that allows good airflow. Most pith helmets either have holes to allow air circulation, or they are actually made of a mesh like material. The provide good shade, some nominal level of protection for the head, and good airflow to keep you cool.

Now, we also see men in turban, but someone else will have to detail the ins and outs of turban wearing. 

The really interesting thing about this picture is that the timid, unassuming man standing between the men in Pith Helmets is actually T. E. Lawrence, a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia. Talk about a man with an exciting life, this guy was it. It is interesting how he is almost unnoticeable in a crowd.


  1. Keffiyeh. Not turbans.

  2. Only just come across your blog - I've always liked looking at photographs - they mark a special time in History, whether our own personal world or in a larger circle.

    I'll certainly be looking back again

    All the best Jan

  3. T.E. Lawrence was probably the ultimate Walter Mitty.

  4. picture is a rerun

  5. The "pith" material is also very insulating from the it is a hat to keep your head cool. It will not afford any (or at least not much) protection from falling or thrown items, as the pith material will break pretty easily.

  6. Jobyna Ralston rocking a pith helmet.

  7. A Guide To Pith Helmets:


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