Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Peanut Stand

Today we have a picture of a peanut vendor on the Streets of New York City. The picture was taken on West 42nd street. I am betting the fresh roasted peanuts were quiet tasty. The picture was taken in 1900.


  1. I use to drive delivery truck for a grocery supply company, and around Christmas time he would roast his own peanuts. He had a backroom with a giant tumble roaster, and the aroma would fill the whole warehouse and drive me nuts. He would roast 100 lb. bags at a time.
    He would allow you to eat as many as you wanted, but you can only eat so many fresh roasted peanuts before you burst.
    AWWW the good old times

  2. I'm sure they were tasty. Health department regulations and licensing fees have put many of these types or vendors out of business.

  3. As recently as the early 1970s, Baltimore had a Planters peanut store downtown. Not only was the aroma divine, but they always had a fellow outside with a bowl of peanuts and a little spoon, and he would drop two or three shelled peanuts into your hand as you walked by - and then circled back to purchase a bagful inside the store!

  4. 1968 Fenway Park... We were just kids. The vendor barks ,"Hot roasted peanuts here!". Sitting up in the bleachers, we yell as loud as we can, " 0va Here!" ( the bleachers were a 3 dollar ticket). The peanut guy rolls the paper bag of hot rosted peanuts into a ball and chucks it 5 rows. Catch it with your hands or take it in the kisser...Peanut vendors have accurate arms.


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