Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Mexico Blizzard

This picture really captures our theme this week of Cold Weather. The picture shows a rancher going out in a blizzard to tend his livestock. The picture was taken in in the Moreno Valley in New Mexico. The picture was taken in 1943. I love the old gate and ranch house in the background.


  1. How ironic you have cold weather week when the
    nation is moving into a deep freeze today !

  2. The perfect theme for the week. We are about to get our first blast of freezing rain and snow tonight.

  3. That's a blizzard?

    It is supposed to be 70 today.

  4. We hit 46 here yesterday but the cold blast is coming.
    We would call the precipitation in the photo "snow flurries." ; )
    -Anne K.

  5. That ranch house seems vaguely similar to a certain West Texas Compound that I've seen from time-to-time on this site.


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