Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nap Time

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and hope you have some time today to get some rest. Do you remember back in elementary school when Nap Time was an official part of the curriculum? To me, school has never been the same since they did away with naps. I dont know about you, but I could really use about a 15 minute nap every day after lunch.


  1. I agree, it should be mandatory for schools,, and jobs too!

  2. I, too am a serious fan of the afternoon siesta but it is a shame to limit it to only 15 minutes. I think 30 minutes makes a real difference in my energy and overall sharpness for the rest of the day. Less than that leaves me groggy and, I'm told, grumpy until bedtime.

    Here the kiddos in pre-school take a nap every day. The school does begin to taper them off starting in mid April because there are no naps in 1st grade.

  3. In kindergaten we had a solid nap time. In first grade we put our heads down on our desks for 20 mins. In 2nd grade they stopped nap time. I think my love of antiques and old things started in the 1st and 2nd grade. I went to a 100 year old school house, 2 classrooms. 1st grade down stairs and 2nd grde up stairs. Old wooden desks with iron chairs bolted to the 1 foot wide creaky pine wood floors. The desks were original to the 1860's when the school was built because they had ink well holders in them. Of course the town demolished it. I was in the last 2nd grade class to go to that school. They built a brick non descript elementary school in it's place.


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