Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last Minute Shoppers

I am hoping you all have all your Christmas Shopping done already, but there are always a few people who wait to the last minute. This picture shows some last minute shoppers in 1941 at the Woolworth's five and dime. How many of you remember Woolworth's? I am not sure when they went out of business, but probably some time in the mid-1980's.


  1. It appears that they are looking at greeting cards. If "2 for five cents" is the price there's a good chance they're not Hallmark cards.

  2. I remember Woolworth's.
    I also remember when K-Mart was known Kresge's

    1. And then there was Grant's, which went out of business overnight, it seems.

      I worked one Christmas season at one of Baltimore's "big" department stores, and boy! Does this look familiar. If it weren't for the year, I'd swear I was the poor soul scratching her head in bewilderment.

  3. I'm thinking that they went belly up in the late 90's.

  4. I remember Kresge's and Woolworth's both.

  5. I also remember both Kresge's and Woolworths'. And I remember last-minute shopping, because my dad was a great fan. Every Christmas eve afternoon he'd head out to partake. Now, I suspect he had his shopping done long before that. He just enjoyed being out in the excitement of it all. After all, those were the days when "going shopping" was exciting, rather than drudgery.

  6. Last time I saw a Woolworth's store was in Idar-Oberstein, Germany [near Baumholder] in 1987. Kind of odd to see such an old-time American icon so far from home.


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