Tuesday, December 10, 2013

City Storm

Today's picture shows a nice snow storm in Parkersburg, West Virginia. It looks like the snow is coming down, but has not yet accumulated on the ground much. The picture was taken in 1940.

Well, our "thaw" was short lived. Yesterday it stayed freezing all day, and we had some more precipitation. I am hoping the roads are not too bad this morning. I read that this is the coldest winter around here in the last 35 years.


  1. It's that 'global warming':

    AP: Cold dis-comfort

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Feeling chilly? Here's cold comfort: You could be in East Antarctica which new data says set a record for "soul-crushing" cold.

    Try 135.8 degrees Fahrenheit below zero; that's 93.2 degrees below zero Celsius, which sounds only slightly toastier. Better yet, don't try it. That's so cold scientists say it hurts to breathe.

    A new look at NASA satellite data revealed that Earth set a new record for coldest temperature recorded. It happened in August 2010 when it hit -135.8 degrees. Then on July 31 of this year, it came close again: -135.3 degrees.

    The old record had been -128.6 degrees, which is -89.2 degrees Celsius.

    Ice scientist Ted Scambos at the National Snow and Ice Data Center said the new record is "50 degrees colder than anything that has ever been seen in Alaska or Siberia or certainly North Dakota."

  2. Brrrr! I hope you Texans get thawed soon. Our outdoor electronic thermometer read 8 degrees this a.m. Heavy lake effect snow predicted.....we shall see.
    -Anne K.

  3. Snow is the great equalizer. No matter how bad your lawn looks, with a fresh coating of snow you too can be on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. Yes, I have lawn issues.

  4. Snow is great for covering up those leaves that really ought to have been raked up already.

  5. Nice photograph. It seems like more then half the states are having really bad weather. I hope it clears up soon.

  6. 83 and sunny here in south Florida...love winter in the tropics...

  7. Winter is not too bad here, yet.


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