Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Shopping

This week we will be looking at Christmas Pictures from bygone days. We start with this picture of Christmas Shoppers in New York from about 1900.


  1. Another classy, fine photo. I love the ladies' long skirts, big hats and muffs....exquisite!
    -Anne K.

  2. It was a big thing as a kid for Mom to take us downtown and do Christmas shopping. There were the elaborate animated store window displays, firemen would park their fire truck on the street and a row of red boots were set up for shoppers to fill with spare change for charity. And of course, getting to play with all the newest toys that were on display in the stores! Even riding the city bus to town and back was great.

  3. Younkers in downtown Des Moines, IA where i lived 40 years had wonderful Christmas windows. Santa Claus with a real beard was always in one with his elves and a big lap. I've believed in Santa to this day.

  4. As a child I admired the dress of the early 1900's and earlier. Now as an adult I'm so glad I don't have to dress in such a cumbersome way. My great grandfather, who came to the US in 1872 at age 16, told my Dad he always thought it was unfortunate that the ladies had to wear those long skirts that dragged in the dirt and mud. I see in this photo, according to the time depicted, the hemlines are at least a little distance off the ground.


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