Monday, December 16, 2013

Cab Stand

This might be one of my all time favorite OPOD photographs. It shows a Cab Stand on Madison Square in New York. The picture was taken in 1900. It amazes me the elegance and peacefulness captured in the scene. Yes, I do long for the old days, where life happened at a slower pace.


  1. Lovely photo. I like how the nearest carriage driver is checking out the passing women in their stylish hats and nicely corseted waists. Live definitely moved at a different pace then.
    I wonder about the next generation, with their noses to their iphones, knowing how to make eye contact as well as holding a normal conversation with another live human.
    -Anne K.

  2. It's funny how we long for a more leisurely pace of life at the same time we get irritated when a webpage fails to load in less than a second.

  3. While I like what the image shows, I think it was too heavily manipulated (by the original photographer). The difference in contrast between the women and the rest of the image is strong enough to be distracting, it does not come out looking natural.

    I'd actually have liked better if the photographer had kept to the original exposure ...

  4. i think it's a lovely composition


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