Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Train Set

When I was growing up a Train Set was probably pretty close to being the ultimate toy. Kids would not just put the train set together, they would build elaborate models of little towns and country scenes to make the train more real. I think this hobby is another one that is pretty much left to the old timers at this point.


  1. Oh, not sure I agree. I think there is a whole subculture of model railroaders out there. My husband built a pretty detailed HO layout years back when our oldest kids were young. Then it sat unused for many years and he wanted to take it down. I protested since he had spent so much time (and $) on it. Now our younger sons and their friend enjoy playing and tinkering with it. Keeping all the electronics working well is a challenge. I think dads enjoy train sets as much as the kids. ; )
    -Anne K.

  2. My husband, aged 63, has been a model railroader since childhood. I agree with the above commenter that there is a large group of train modelers out there. Hubby heads up a train show & swap meet in the midwest each year that has an average attendance of 1800. There are many children and young adults in the hobby as well as the "old timers". Our entire basement is given over to a layout & modeling.

  3. My 1.75 year old grandson loves our HO set. I take him to the local model RR club and there are many children there as well. One of our local model RR store is busy enough to keep its doors open. Also take a look at that massive installation in Germany

  4. Model trains are still big draws in some places - check this one out - it is trulely amazing.

  5. My grand father bought my brothers and I a set which we played with for years and years.
    I wish I still had it.


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