Sunday, November 3, 2013

Soap Box Derby

This week we are looking at the things children play with, and more specifically, we are thinking about what children learn from the things we give them. Today's picture shows a "Soap Box Derby" car. These were typically small push cars that children built, with help from their parents. The cars were used to push around the neighborhood, or used in down hill races or rallies that were held periodically in the community. The good thing about these was that Children learned to image, create, and build. It also provided quality time with the parents or grandparents.


  1. Nothing like getting to the bottom of a steep hill and thinking, BRAKES!, we forgot brakes!

  2. PJM: is Nate Maas OK? His blog has been untended for months & months and I have missed his clever comments on your blog. I know you used to email with him. What can you tell us?

    1. Judi,
      Have not heard from him in a while, so not sure what he has been up to.

  3. Back in March, Nate said on his blog that his work was taking up most of his time and that he was going to have to quit posting the blog for a while. This happens to a lot of bloggers, they kind of burn out after a while and go on to other things. Perhaps we will hear from him again, maybe not. His posts here dwindled after the demise of the Mystery Person contest.

  4. Thanks, Judi. Yes, I'm well. I've been very busy. I am now de facto principal of two high schools, Scoutmaster of a Troop of about 60 boys, dad of three active boys, and in my spare time, I teach a couple classes at church, so I stay hopping.

    Kenny, I haven't burnt out on the blogging, but my hope is that sometime before too long, my life will settle down enough to start blogging again, as I enjoy that too, but it is time consuming to do it well.


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