Monday, November 4, 2013

Model Airplane

Today's picture shows a boy playing with a model airplane. Back in the day, model building was a favorite past time of young boys.Building a flyable airplane such as this one took time, patience and attention to detail. The models were typically built out of balsa wood and then covered with tissue paper.


  1. Today it is high frequency radio controlled planes and cars with both gas and electric power. The RC sport has grown in popularity in recent years because many planes are prebuilt and almost ready to fly. These models make it easy to get started without the lengthy build time associated with the old stick and paper planes of the 50s to early 90RC flying is a wonderful father/son project that introduces the youngsters to the more formal supportive sports around. Batter yet, size or age are no barrier to enjoyment.

  2. I remember my Dad making one of those. He also made box kites.


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