Thursday, November 7, 2013

Erector Sets

Another one of the great toys from my childhood was the Erector Set. The Erector Set contained a variety of metal beams and other pieces that allowed you to build various mechanical structures. I think they still make erector sets, but I don't think that they are very popular.


  1. I desperately wanted an Erector Set when I was a little girl. I had to settle for Tinker Toys. I don't know if this was a gender-related thing (I was born during WWII) or simply that Tinker Toys were less expensive.

  2. Erector sets are neat and you can still buy them,
    but I think they have been replaced by the much easier to use Lego. No screwdrivers required. I played with Lego growing up and now my kids have a big box of them which they use to create cars, airplanes, houses, etc. Just yesterday I complimented my 7YO daughter on the horse stable she had built for the Lego horses. Lots of good creativity!
    -Anne K.

  3. I have my brother's erector set that our son wanted when we visited PA in the 70's. Just the other day we were talking about erectors and tinker toys. And how today so few toys leave the children to create, all is automaton, digitized; we will soon have if we don't already nothing but a generation of those who merely know how to slide their fingers across a screen or tap for "next." I think these older toys were much better for development of brains.


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