Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Carnival Carousel

Today we feature a picture of a pretty benign carnival ride . . . the Horse Carousel. While is moves pretty slow, these rides really make me sick. Especially the ones that have the horses going up and down. Also, it is a long ride, so I am really ready to be sick by the time it is over. The picture is from the Cotton Carnival in Memphis, Tennessee, taken in 1940.


  1. I'm surprised that an old Texas boy like yourself get sick riding a horse.

  2. Carousels don't bother me and I'm happy to ride them. At Cedar Point amusement park there is one called "Derby Downs" which is much faster than your typical carousel, resembling a horse race. It was built in 1921 and I see now it is not considered a true carousel, but big fun!
    Here's a short video of it:
    -Anne K.

  3. wow, Derby Downs at Cedar Point, was originally at Euclid Beach! I loved it. Also love the carousels...still do. But now I have 2 horses of my own, which is even better

  4. We call it the Merry-Go-Round. Is that a Northeast term? or is that a commonly accepted term in most places?

    1. Dave,
      We would use the term "Merry Go Round" for the playground thing that kids get on, and other kids push around in a circle. We would use a different term for a carnival ride like this one.

    2. They are both called merry-go-rounds in the northeast.


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