Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cambridge Crew

OPOD continues to encourage people to get off the couch and do something! Today we feature a picture of the Rowing Crew from Cambridge University. The picture is from about 1910.

All kidding aside, it really concerns me how obese we are becoming, and particularly our young people. It is this terrible combination of terrible eating habits and complete lack of physical activity. When a child weighs over 200 pounds in 9th grade, where do they go from there? It is frightening to me. We need to get off the junk food, eat healthy, and get off the couch!


  1. Obesity is the result of chemical addiction to processed foods. Until you all understand and accept that, the problem will continue.

    But most of us still need more exercise.

  2. When you offer a youngster the choice between a ball & a bat, or an electronic video game, they jump towards the video game.
    Those contraptions have a strong allure to today's kids...unfortunately.
    And what do they do while playing those games? They snack and get fat.
    Pity really.


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